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Job Description

The University of Maryland School of Medicine and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County are committed to creating an environment conducive to supporting diverse and successful biomedical researchers. Through UM FIRST program, we intend to hire a cohort of at least 10 early stage investigators in the areas of cancer biology, neuroscience, and microbiology/immunology/vaccinology/infectious diseases.

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Why Choose Us

With our strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, a proven track record at developing underrepresented minority trainess, and state of the art resources on both campus, we hope you'll consider applying to be part of the UM FIRST program. Our FIRST recruits will be part of a vibrant research community, participate in faculty development using the highly effective Meyerhoff Model, and have access to the cutting edge resources available at both UMSOM and UMBC.

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Who is Eligible

To be eligible for a UM FIRST faculty position, the NIH requires two things: Early Stage Investigator status with the NIH and no previous tenure-track faculty positions.

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